Brighten up your day and your home… with skylights!

Transform the interior of your home by installing skylights and letting the natural light take charge of brightening up the interior of your home. The cascading effect created by the skylight can enhance the aesthetic appeal of households. If you are already looking for the perfect skylight products, install a VELUX skylight today.

Skylight installation not only adds natural lighting to your home but also helps cut down on unwanted electricity bills. A lot of things have to be kept in mind before skylight installation.

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Title: Skylight Inspection and Skylight Installation Process

Is your house’s architecture perfect for installing a skylight?

There are a lot of things to consider before you get a skylight installed. First, inspect your home to see if installing skylights at your house is an option.

Some of the factors have been mentioned below:

• The Slope of your Roof

Steep roofs require special skylight installation techniques. So, you will need professionals to study the roof style and create space for skylight installation.

• Type of Roofing

Normal VELUX skylight products are made to place on roofs with asphalt shingles. However, some roofs have tile or metal roofing, and you have to pay a bit more money for the same. So, let Blue Ribbon Exteriors take over and do the hard part for you.

• Attic Space

Once you examine your roof and decide where you want to get the skylight installed, you will have to check the attic space. Ensure there is no plumbing, HVAC wiring, furniture, or any other thing at that place.

• Your home’s architectural style

Your home’s interior and architecture design matter a lot. Skylights look good in all types of interiors., except old-styled and classic homes.

Skylight Installation Process

The installation process involves two phases of work. One on the roof and then inside your room. Here is the installation process for a Skylight.

Rooftop: The rooftop installation takes around 1 to 3 days based on the weather, roof slope and pitch, shape, depth of the light shaft, etc. The experts will cut a hole in your roof first and then fasten the skylight there.
VELUX skylights are equipped with three-layer protection, preventing water leakage and ensuring that your interior ceiling stays solid.

Preparing the Interior: This part takes around 1 day and depends upon your ceiling type, flat or vaulted. Our staff will use drywall to create a light shaft to direct natural light into your room. It is easier to build shafts on a vaulted ceiling.

Painting: The next step is painting the light shaft and matching it with the ceiling and room walls. A plastic sheet curtain on the ceiling around the skylight traps all waste particles, dust, etc., and keeps your room and skylight clean.

Whether you want to cut down your energy usage or give a makeover to your home’s interior, skylights would be the perfect solution for both things. Get in touch with Blue Ribbon Exteriors for a quote.


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