Steps Involved in Deck Installation

Building and installing a deck is not as easy as it sounds; it involves hard work and effort. The well-trained and professional staff at Blue Ribbon Exteriors ensure that your deck is built within a week. Here are the steps involved in this process:

Plan and design the deck

Our staff will sit down with you to plan and design your dream deck. Many things like available space, weather, neighbors, etc., have to be considered before starting work. Design the deck in any way you want so that it has a personal touch to it.

After creating the deck design, you will know what materials and equipment are required for deck building and installation. Pressure-treated wood or composite, any material can be used to build your dream deck. Research well and choose a unique layout and design for your deck.

Construct the deck layout

Whether you attach the deck to your home or leave it standing free, the basics are the same, and the staff will construct the layout first. Posts and ledger boards provide support, while screws, batter boards, and strings also assist in layout building.

Measuring tape and leveling are essential to creating a precise and accurate deck layout. Consider space for the foundation and add posts where needed.

Set foundations by placing beams and posts

A strong foundation should be set up by digging the ground and laying out landscape fabric. Add posts and fill in the remaining area with concrete mix and gravel. Every post should be perfectly aligned and installed with cleats.

Place the beam above posts after this and cut off extra wood or composite material. The foundation will be ready after this.

Build and assemble the framing

Proper space should be left to ensure adequate drainage, and use grooved boards to hide all nails and screws. Keep a measuring tape and ensure that everything goes according to deck design. If you want your deck to be multi-level, then stairs need to be installed too.

Beautify and decorate the deck to get an attractive look

Once the deck is built, you need to customize and decorate it. Balusters and stylish railings are in trend, while you can also get fascia, lattice skirting, or post caps installed. Use flower pots, hanging plants, trendy furniture, lighting, etc., to make your deck attractive and eye-catchy.

Why Choose Blue Ribbon Exteriors for Your Decking Needs

A lot of companies provide decking and other landscaping services. Still, customers rely on and trust Blue Ribbon Exteriors because of our unmatched quality of service.


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