Top 3 things to look for in a Roofer

Here we have shortlisted the top 3 aspects, you must never neglect before hiring the perfect roofer.

Shingle GAF-Certified Professionals

GAF is a renowned company that sells premier roofing material, ensuring unprecedented quality at affordable prices. The premier roofing company provides certification to the best roofers in the business.
The certification is provided to roofing companies only after randomly checking the quality of roofs, which companies set up every year. Roofers with the certification have to go through a rigorous screening and training process. So, you are promised unparalleled workmanship.
At Blue Ribbon Exteriors, we take pride in knowing we are GAF-certified professionals.

Judge from the Quality of Material Used

A good roofer will align a plan of action and material for roofing based on your budget and requirement. Also, the choice for the roofing material will be such that it takes responsibility for the surroundings.
Impressions EcoStar is a highly reputable brand used for roofing purposes. And, if the roofers you plan to hire are using material by EcoStar, then you can consider them dependable. Impressions EcoStar uses recycled rubber and plastic to create top-of-the-line roofing. Also, if roofers are using shingles from EcoStar, the final budget won’t feel heavy on your pocket.
Another material used for roofing is rubber mule hide roofing or EPDM rubber roofing. Not only are rubber mules of high quality, but the process of installation will be quick. In addition, the EPDM rubber roofing does not release harmful chemicals or vapors during the process of bonding. So, if they claim to use this particular material for constructing the roof, you know they are not only professional but responsible.

Time Specific

When you hire a roofer, you’d expect them to get the roof repaired, replaced, restored within a limited time. Before hiring make sure that the roofers are time-specific. This way you save not only your time but also money.
If you are looking for a GAF-certified roofer around Adams, Cumberland, and York counties, consider Blue Ribbon Exteriors LLC. A brand name that speaks for itself and has transformed endless homes since 2005.
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